Bluetooth Module Datasheet

Thanks for translating and posting the documentation for your bluetooth module. I have found the datasheet for the a BlueCore4 chip similar to the one used on the module here do not allow non-customers to access some of their documentation (BlueCore4 appears to have reached end of life because I cannot access any of its documentation while the ones for BlueCore5 and above are available for anyone).

If you have access to any documentation such as datasheets, application notes, and software release notes (the functions of the PIO pins are firmware specific) that are related to BlueCore4 please post them

The datasheets for the three modules (master, master/slave and slave) seems a bit different. Especially the datasheet for the master/slave module.

  • Is the rx/tx TTL (5V) or 3,3V. I am about to connect it to an arduino pro and have both 3,3V and 5V but I am not sure which to choose. I do not want to burn the uart on the arduino or the module.
  • How much current is drawn by the module (in different modes)?
  • Is it possible to supply with higher than 3,3V?

Also it seems a bit hard to find out if connecting Rx, Tx, Gnd and Vcc is enough to get it up and running? (rest floating)

Which commands are nessesary, and which are optional? To make either master or slave.

Does it take AT- commands? (which?)

  1. master,slave, are similar, and they are auto connected to other bluetooth module without extral command. However they support two simple AT command to change baudrate and moudle name.
    master/slave is more different from above two as it support much command, such that it needs to be configure to work properly.
    you can find the datasheet here … ml?cPath=2

  2. 3.3v is ok to tx/rx, and should be no more than 3.6v.

  3. connecting rx,tx, gnd and vcc is enough to get the module runing for master,slave and master/slave .

  4. The necessary commands are described in the datasheet.


But it seems to me there is a problem with AT commands in the documentation. I have post a thread on Bluetooth Bee

I am not able to execute the commands. Each time I execute the commands, it gives me Error! Please advice!