Bluetooth module CONECT:FAIL


I try to connect my phone, a HTC Desire with your bluetooth module connected on an ATMEGA32 with RS232.

I put the bluetooth module in MASTER mode :

After I send name :

After I send this command :

After, this one :

At this moment bluetooth module send this string (with my MAC address and my name :wink: ):

So I send this command :

At this moment bluetooth module send this string

and my phone ask me pin code, I enter 0000 (it’s the good pin code), and just after, bluetooth module send this string :

And I don’t understand why… on my phone I can see bluetooth module name on screen with this status : paired, disconnected.

Can you help me please ?



It seems everything works ok, and the only thing you need is to install a serial tool on your HTC Desire.
Here is a link,
which is the similar problem, except using Computer to connect BluetoothBee.

May this helpful to you!



Hello, thanks for your answer,

I just finish to develop the android phone side, and it’s work ! I can see the \r\n+BTSTATE:4\r\n for the first time !


Hi all!
I discover same problem on HTC Desire HD (BT ver 2.1).
On HTC Hero (BT ver 2.0) pairing OK.

May be it’s BT 2.1 backward compatibility problem?
If yes, how resolve it?