Bluetooth HM-13 - Scan available devices - AT commands

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I have an Arduino nano and a HM-13 bluetooth module and I’m trying to discover/scan available devices (ex:MAC ADDRESSES) in the room but there is nothing on the DATASHEET about this.

I search the AT command to send at Bluetooth module.

Documentation :

Code : <LINK_TEXT text=“ … _13_SW.ino”></LINK_TEXT>

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Hi Florian,

Have you tried to set Master role and then do the scan? thanks.


Hi Bill,

I am well in master role and the module is set visible; then I restart the module to take effect.

My Buetooth firmware version is v316.

The latest datasheet version for my module is at this link :

The AT commands start at the page 16 of the file bluetoothdual_en.pdf.

But the documentation of seeedstudio is not bad :

But impossible to find the AT command to scan available devices…

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:


Hi Florian

when we use HM-13 as master role, we have to close all the ble devices around, turn on the one to be connected. the hm-13 will automatically scan and connect to it. it does not have AT commands for the scan ble devices id functions.

you can choose HM-11, it has the AT commands to connect specific ble devices. thanks.

best rgds


OK, too bad…

Thank you again for your help Bill ! :slight_smile: