Bluetooth Bee unable to connect


I have purchased a Bluetooth Bee (BB) and I’m unable to discover or connect to the device. i have tested my serial connection to an Arduino and it works but no response from the BB. The green light flashes twice every second. From my phone/pc I cant see the device. I have connected Vcc, Gnd, Tx and Rx on the BB and its powered from my Arduino Uno. I followed instructions from the Seeeduino Site and it doesnt seem to work. I used the default serial connection of 38400 etc.
I am using Windows7, hercules and USB to serial converter, with a MAX232 chip.
Does anyone know what the pin configurations from BB to pc are for initial setup? (i.e. is there anything else than power and tx/rx?)
What commands must be used for initial setup?

Thanks alot!