Bluetooth Bee Standalone - is there access to SDA/SCL??


Having a little difficulty trying to find the SCL / SDA datalines on the B2B standalone model… do we have these pins broken out?

Im trying to interface a Pololu MinIMU with the Bee… … Standalone

is this a possible solution?
cant seem to find the info i need in the wiki…

Thankyou so much for the help

Hi chris,
Bluetooth Bee Standalone is a new products and our wiki have not completed . But I can sure that Bluetooth Bee Standalone have I2C pin.B2B can connect to XBee carrier ,and you can see the wiki of it .


thanks for getting back to me, Deray…

so just to confirm, before i buy… which two pins on the B2B standalone are the i2c bus?

really appreciate the help,

I2C bus on the top left corner