Bluetooth Bee not detected by mobile

I’ve searched for hours now and can’t find an answer to my problem!
I’ve connected a Bluetooth Bee to Arduino Nano board and uploaded the code on WIKI page. I can find the module with my EEE pc and also can connect to it without problems. But I want to use my mobile (HTC Desire with Android 2.2) and this thing won’t find the module, it just finds the EEE pc.
EEE-PC <-> HTC Desire ; EEE-PC <-> Bluetooth Bee ; HTC Desire <|> Bluetooth Bee

I don’t know what’s wrong here. Any help and ideas really appreciated!

Sorry, currently found another entry in this forum, I’ll try this first

It might be the problem of the bluetooth compatibility of your system of version 2.2.

Yes there are 2 problems with android 2.2, meanwhile I found a workaround

Could you tell, which problems are and what workaround did you find. I have the same problem with Android 2.3 (HTC Wildfire S) and Bluetooth Bee. I’ve tested another Android 2.3 smartphone (Sony Ericsson Live) and it finds Bluetooth Bee. So…