Bluetooth Bee is not discovered by iPhone and iPad


I was able to setup the Bluetooth Bee on my Stalker and I can create a serial connection to my Macbook. It turns out that the bee can be discovered by most Bluetooth devices, but apparently not by my iPhone (3GS) and iPad (1). Is there any special way to make that happen? Or can I give up on this idea?

Dear bernhard.nebel:

You require a complex application which is not readily available with us. We are a company who provide tools for engineers, makers and hobbyist. Most of our products have documents on how-to use. You are free to choose appropriate modules and assemble them yourselves.

Sorry, we do not have resource to design any custom application. Thanks for your understanding.

as i know, the bluetooth protocol of ios has something different from the normal bluetooth protocol , but I am not sure about it.

Dear jacket,

thanks for your answer! Well, I am an engineer and hobbyist and I simply wanted to know whether there is a way to make the bee visible to the iPhone. I am not going so far as of asking of actually pairing the two! I was just following up on the “application idea” that is mentioned on your Wiki page:

This suggested to me that you might have an idea.

After some googling, it became apparent that there is probably no way. I also tried out a different bluetooth bee, which allowed to manipulate the class of the bluetooth device, but to no avail.

There is, however, an Arduino board in development that is at least able to communicate with the iPhone4 and up: … ng-no-mfi/.