Bluetooth Bee doesn't work with XBee Regulated


Currently I am trying to connect the Bluetooth-Bee with the ATTiny24.
Because the ATTiny24 is running at 5 Volt and I am using 2.54mm breadboards I have bought this XBee Regulated module:
Product Info, Schematic

At previous tests with the Bluetooth Bee I have used this XBee USB-Explorer Module from the same manufacturer, quite similar but with a FTDI-Chip onboard:
Product Info, Schematic
The USB-Explorer Module works fine with the Bluetooth Bee.

But the Bluetooth Bee doesn’t work with the XBee Regulated - receiving data from UART is ok (on start the ATTiny receives this: <\r><\n>WORK:SLAVER<\r><\n><\r><\n>+BTSTATE:0<\r><\n><\r><\n>+BTSTATE:1<\r><\n>), but data sent to the Bluetooth Bee is ignored (after sending <\r><\n>+INQ=1<\r><\n> nothing happens).
The strange is: When I replace the Bluetooth Bee with the original XBee everything is ok (apart from the AT-Command “+INQ”, but sending “+++” returns “ok”)!
I want to use Bluetooth and not ZigBee, because I want to communicate with my smartphone (which allready works well with the USB-Explorer), so Bluetooth Bee has to be working.

So the Bluetooth Bee is not 100% pin-compatible with XBee.
What can I do?
Thank you for help!

Is the RX-Input-Pin of the Bluetooth Bee 5V resistiv?


Sorry for the late reply,

Yes. But I’m sure the VCC, GND, TX, and RX is pin-compatible. However the RX input pin is not 5v resistiv.(Try to do level change using two resistors)

So I think the Bluetooth Bee could receive the data you sent from the MCU. And if the command <\r><\n>+INQ=1<\r><\n> is received , the two leds on Bluetooth Bee will blink in interval.

May this helpful to you, and please feel free to ask any question.