Bluetooth Bee Control IO Pins


I connected my smartphone successfully with the Bluetooth Bee - it was really easy, takes only a few minutes and no problems had occured.
But the manual of the Bluetooth Bee module is - in contrary to the ZigBee XBee moduls manual - quite short, so I didn’t figure out how to control the IO-Pins (remotly of course), as in the Hardware-Features listed.

Thank you for help!


Actually, the PIOs of the Bluetooth Bee are could not controlled by the user excepting the PIO0, PIO1, PIO10 and PIO11 of which the function is described on the datasheet.

The profile of the Buletooth Bee is SPP, so you can just communicate between your smartphone and the Bee through an serial tool running on the smartphone.

Sorry for the inaccurate info the datasheet brought. Please feel free to ask any question.



Then I have to use an additional µC - now I think its anyway better, as long as they arent very expensive…

Yes, I have allready done this - its working very well!

A personal service is always better than a stupid manual - so it doesnt matter :wink:

I know its not this topic, but the addressor of the notification E-Mail is “”, very strange…