Bluetooth Bee: Bug inquiring addresses

When working as master and inquiring addresses, there is no semicolon between address and name of the device, e.g. output is the following: F:4E:6D:1EEE. Here it is impossible to identify wether the name of the device is EEE or just EE without trying to connect it.
Would be better if the address is reported as 0F:4E:6D:01 or the semicolon is attached like it is written on wiki page.

And how do I detect whether inquiring has finished? If I set the device as master and switch on inquiring, it doesn’t finish nor does it send an ‘end’ sign.

From your description, the address got is not right. You can first try to use command “\r\n+RTADDR\r\n” to get the address of the bee.
The inquiring will not stop until you send other command.

Thank you for the answer Steve, but I don’t mean the address of the bluetooth bee itself but from the devices it is currently inquiring. As a master I get all addresses of the devices which are close enough.
Therefore I get a list of addresses like:

The wiki description says it should be an address of format: E1:31:23:2;BTBee - but I don’t receive that semicolon.

The inquiring will not stop until you send other command.
That’s unusable, at least I need a clue (maybe a time) on how long it takes until the scan has finished and begins again.

It seems nobody uses BT bee as a master device :frowning:

Any chance to get support here? Is it possible to do a firmware upgrade?