Bluetooth Bee + Arduino Fio: no sign of life from the Bee


recently I have been trying to get my arduino fio connected by bluetooth. For this, I have bought the Bluetooth Bee from seeedstudio.
At first, I followed the guide at esoftserve to configure the bluetooth bee: This worked fine, the bt bee blinks and a bluetooth connection can be established from my pc.
Later, I wanted to give the newsoftserial library a try, so I followed the instructions at the seeedstudio wiki: However, this is the point where I get stuck I’m afraid. Whatever the configuration, no leds flash anymore from the bt bee when I try to run the newsoftserial code that is provided on the wiki. When trying to use any other tx/rx pins than 0 and 1 respectively, I can readout the debug serial data just fine, but the bt bee shows no led activity, not even after setup is complete.

The problem I’m facing is twofold: first, I am not sure what tx/rx pins to use for the bt bee in combination with an arduino fio. Looking at the schematic here, I assumed pins 2 for rx and 3 for tx were necessary:

#include <NewSoftSerial.h>   //Software Serial Port
#define RxD 2
#define TxD 3 
NewSoftSerial blueToothSerial(RxD,TxD);

The second problem I’m facing is that the bt bee doesn’t flash anymore at all. No blinking, not even a double blink telling me that the bt bee is not connected. In fact, when I try to run the code from esoftserve, the bt bee doesn’t light up anymore as well.

So, could anyone give me some directions to get the bt bee started up again? All I want is to communicate through it, but at the moment it doesn’t even light up. Can someone tell me the right configuration for a bt bee in combination with an arduino fio? And can someone maybe tell me how to reset/reactivate the bt bee so it starts flashing at least?