Bluetooth Bee and Android 2.2

It seems that the Bluetooth Bee cannot be discovered on Android phone’s with 2.2.

In my setup when I make the Bluetooth Bee discoverable it is visible to my PC and my Nokia phone. But my HTC Desire & Galaxy Tab (Both running 2.2) do not to see the Bluetooth Bee.

Since the PC and Nokia phone find the Bluetooth bee my bee settings seems to be correct. My Android phones see other bluetooth devices so at that end everything also seem to be working.

Has anybody tried the bluetooth bee with an Android 2.2 phone?

If I just know it could be working or not is a big help.

Thanks, any help is appreciated.

Hi, I successfully made my Bluetooth Bee discoverable from my android 2.2.1 device and my Macbook.

However I’m having a problem making Bluetooth Bee connected.
So I hope you can confirm on that once you get passed the discovery issue.

Here’s how I made my Bluetooth Bee discoverable.









In this Inquiring state, the Bluetooth Bee device is discovered by both my Android phone (running 2.2.1) and Mac book (running OS X 10.6).
My android phone is HTC Magic, and running custom ROM (CyanogenMod-6.1.0-DS).

Please let me know if you solve your problem and make your Bluetooth Bee successfully connected from your Android phone.

I’m afraid that the Android might not be able to establish SPP connection with Bluetooth Bee, because it does not support SDP.
My experience is that it always fails when Android (or Mac) trying to connect to Bluetooth Bee…

I tried the same commands. But it is not showing up on Android 2.2. My unit tries to connect and fails when I sent the STWMOD=0. But that doesn’t make a difference I think. I can still set it to discoverable and see it on my PC or Nokia phone.










You should be able to make a connection. I understand that there are amarino users that are succesfully using the Bluettoth Bee.

Hmm, it is strange that it’s not being discovered by Android.

You are sure that your Bluetooth Bee is set in Slave (STWMOD=0) mode, is in inquiring state (BTSTATE:2) right, and has the red and green LEDs are flashing alternatively, right?

I don’t know, but perhaps going over this document might help. … etooth_Bee

As for my issue, I have solved the problem and successfully made a connection with my Android.

The key was that I needed to use a special UUID for establishing an SPP connection in my Android program, which is “00001101-0000-1000-8000-00805F9B34FB”.

This website helped me. … bluetooth/

Nice that you have your connection working. I am still waiting for somebody with Android 2.2 who can confirm if it should be working or not.

It could also have to do with a firmware version in the module but I don’t see a way to check the firmware version.

It doesn’t work for me too!

I have a Android 2.2! =\

Windows 7 found it, but Android nops!

I’ve already changed the boud to 57600… But still doesn’t work!
Any help?

I currently have the same problem. After hours of searching I found the solution: … -questions

… tested but it is not the solution.
Googled again and here is the workaround: … hones.html

Does this workaround works for you? This link is broken. Could you provide solution, please?

Hello !!!

I Have exactly the same problem. I have an LG-OPTIMUS BLACK (android version 2.2.2)

Did anyone found a solution??

this link is for an app called bluetooth class zero … hones.html
but still not working.

I am the creator of V1BlueShark using Nokia and Android cell phones, from my experience in using bluetooth module with Android v2.2 i found that most of models of Samsung, HTC and LG don’t find seeedstudio bluetooth module.
This is not a problem of seeedstudio bluetooth module but this problem appears also in many other types of BT modules or even in BT Mic/headphone.
I heard someone from net that he change file from the system of Android and can find those hidden devices.
But I have a simpler solution to make your Android v2.2 (Master) connect BT module (Slave) : this can be done by direct connection, by knowing the address of BT module (No descovery)

The correct link is: … hones.html