Bluetooth Bee 2.0 & Stalker 3.1 - Interrupt issue?

I have a Stalker 3.1 that I am trying to use with a Bluetooth Bee 2.0. My code responds to a hardware interrupt and then does an action, but when I plug in the bluetooth Bee, as soon as I initiate the hardware interrupt (I have tried pins D2 & D3) it causes my code to restart and run the setup method again. I tried the BT serial select on both settings, but neither seems to matter. I have the RTC interrupts both turned off, although I have tried them the other way as well. Once I remove the Bee, the code runs as expected again and responds to my hardware interrupt. I am setting the interrupt pin to HIGH to trigger the interrupt.

Is it Bee code that calls the reset function?

I don’t have any Bee code in place, yet.
I tried a few different Bees (same model) so I don’t think it’s an issue with the Bee itself. I have also tried switching between D0/D1 and D5/D6 for the Bee communication pins.