BlueTooth - Additional docs - AT COMMANDS etc


I’m using your Bluetooth modues and would like to know if there is any additional docs/specs available.

I see that you use the BC317/BC417 BlueCore chips which have a powerful command set (BCCMD protocol) but I find no want to access any additional features. In patricular, I want to be able to turn on/off some of the PIO pins on the BlueTooth module.

I notice on your BlueTooth Bee product, you break-out PIO-1 to PIO-9 onto the shield but I see no way to use them?

p.s. Love your range of ‘Film’ devices - the OLED displays are fantastic!!!



Hello Paul,
I was looking at the same issue.
Basically we need to know what firmware was programemd for the CSR chip.
The firmware could not support the GPIO feature, what a waste of pins!
Have you tried to use this AT commands from asimilar chip board..

The useable port is PIO2- PIO7 and PIO10.
1. PIO10 outputs high level
2. PIO10 outputs low level

I have one module in my lab I’m going to try it once I find it.

For Blutooth Bee, the PIOs are not controllable through command.

Im looking for the data mode or escaping or something - how do i send binary data which can contain \r\n?? I’m in need of it asap coz i need it for my job… I’ll publish my netduino driver as soon as i find that data…

\r\n is necessary for operation and the value of are 0x0D 0x0A in Hex.

Of cource, but what if my datastream contains \r\n? there most be an escaping sequence so I can actually send something like \r\nINQ=0\r\n as data over the serial port