Bluetoosh Shield Code Example not working with Arduino 1.0

I’ve downloaded both code examples (the one for Arduino 1.0 and the regular one) but none of them work!
I am using Arduino 1.0, but the code example uses a library called SoftwareSerial, however, the only Software Serial lib I found was called NewSoftSerial.
I’m getting compilation errors for this reason.
The regular code example also gives a compilation error about overriding a method.
Please help me out with this.

The version of SoftwareSerial included in arduino 1.0 and later is based on the NewSoftSerial library .So the NewSoftSerial can not be found in arduino 1.0 .
If you use Arduino 1.0 , you only download “BluetoothShieldDemoCode_For_Arduino1.0” and put it in “/arduino/lib/” .

Hope it would helpful.