Blueduino Rev2 Capabilities

I have tried other products and have been unable to perform the task at hand after purchase due to unclear device specifications. Not Seeed products BTW…

My question is based on the said subject. Target application would be to to use this module as a way of obtaining keys from a BlueTooth(BT) keyboard. So this device would look like a host or master and pair itself to the BT keyboard, currently a Logictech K480 and after pairing, not sure if the keyboard will pair without a PIN code ATM, but would like to have PIN/NOPIN capability even if all zeros and then provide the the keypress/released in a standard HID report fashion via serial or usb port. Much like how a USB keyboard performs it’s HID report to the host. I am open to this end, I just want to pair and get a keypress and key release packet.

Is this module capable of doing this? An example would be great but not required, someone familiar with the Blueduino Rev2 tell me it is possible and a basic command sequence to review would be perfect.