Blue led blinking when using bluefruit.h library

I am currently using Seeed nRF52 mbed-enabled Board v1.0.0 and bluefruit.h library.

When trying out the adv_AdafruitColor.ino sketch, the onboard blue led blinks.

(Examples for Seeed XIAO nRF52840 Sense > Adafruit Bluefruit nRF52 libraries > Peripheral > adv_AdafruitColor)

Anyone knows the reason for this? I might have missed something out but I don’t see any code indicating writing to the led / turning the led on and off.

Well that usually means it advertising the BLE , but I haven’t opened that example yet.
The Blue LED is the default color too, I believe?(LED_BUILTIN) generic.
If its flashing and connected when it’s solid on most of the examples I’ve seen.
GL :slight_smile:
Found it ,From the header,
also look at the Serial port monitor it should give you some output.

/* This sketch demonstrates the Bluefruit.Advertising API(). When powered up,

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@Rhys3logy Blue LED flashes to let you know that bluetooth is advertising. This feature can be turned off by function call. See Bluefruit.h.

// Don’t flash led while advertising

You can turn it back on by passing boolean true.