BLE to rfduino

Any support for BLE profiles other than UART?

Yes :slight_smile:

Profile SPP: This module support Serial Port Profile of Bluetooth 2.1.
Profile GATT: This module supports GATT profile of Bluetooth 4.0

“UART” is one just GATT profile, there are many.

How can one configure, or enumerate, a devices GATT profile of a device and connect appropriately?

I hope the SDK documentation will provide enough answer - I never tried any BT device over 2.1. … T_GATT.gsp

Thank you for the reference for the Linkit Assist 2502.

I am now looking at the rePhone product that includes an arduino example “LGATTC”.

The example is reasonable and the does connect to the rfDuino.

However it reports no services after connection when the following is tried:
int num = c.getServiceCount();

There is little debugging access so further progress is difficult.

The 'duino profile looks as follows:

public final static UUID UUID_SERVICE = BluetoothHelper.sixteenBitUuid(0x2220);
public final static UUID UUID_RECEIVE = BluetoothHelper.sixteenBitUuid(0x2221);
public final static UUID UUID_SEND = BluetoothHelper.sixteenBitUuid(0x2222);
public final static UUID UUID_DISCONNECT = BluetoothHelper.sixteenBitUuid(0x2223);
public final static UUID UUID_CLIENT_CONFIGURATION = BluetoothHelper.sixteenBitUuid(0x2902);

Any thoughts?

Can send out and read a buffer by hard coding, but the ‘enable notifications’ does not trigger any notifications
i.e c.setupNotification(true, 0x2220, isPrimary, 0x2221)

I am polling by
c.queryNotification(serviceUUID, isPrimary, characteristicUUID, value)

Nordic tools and Android apps do this correctly…