BLE Micro toolchain


How can I update the offline toolchain for BLE Micro?
And is there any way to use the mbed online compiler to generate an OTA compatible .hex?
Long version
I have a couple of BLE Micros and I’m trying to develop an application for it.
I was able to compile an update via OTA all demos from the repository:

Now I was trying to follow the URIBeacon tutorial, but looks like there are some services missing in BLE_API/services: … I/services
Compared to the ARMmbed repository:

Then I found this Makefile: … r/Makefile
That points to the Exporting-to-GCC-ARM-Embedded procedure. But the BLE Micro device is not present on mbed online compiler.

My guess is that I should compile mbed SDK and mbed BLE API for nRF51822 with latests versions. But I don’t know where to start yet, any guidance will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.