BLE micro as Standalone microcontroller

I want to use BLE micro as Standalone microcontroller and I also want to code using arduino . I have following questions :

  1. What is the range of BLE micro ? does it work if it is inside of a 3mm plastic airtight casing ?

  2. Suppose I want to use one BLE micro as receiver and 6 BLE micro as sender . When sender BLE micro will sends data , the receiver will execute it . Dose it possible to use one receiver and multiple sender configuration ?

  3. Power consumption of BLE micro . I want to use CR2032 coin cell battery . I have found in datasheet "RF51822 requires a single power supply and gives the user the option of using on chip linear regulators giving a supply range of 1.8-3.6V, a direct 1.8V mode and a on chip DC-DC buck converter giving a supply range of 2.1-3.6V. " please tell me which configuration will suitable for 24 hours operation using CR2032 coin cell battery .

Thanks in advance . Any advice will be appreciated.

1 Yes, it can work inside of 3mm plastic airtight casing

2 Now those modules only can be communicated by one to one

3 Normally, you can add a CR2032 to the VCC of BLE micro directly.