Blank screen

I have just received my DSO Nano V1 and am on the learning curve.

Doing OK mostly, however I find that if I switch on with an SD card in situ all I get is a blank screen. I have to switch off, remove the card, switch on then replace the card.

If this normal - the manual is a bit thin in some ways.

Also holding the “run/stop” button when switching on with the scope attached to the PC seems to do nothing in particular.

Otherwise this is a great little device.

Make sure the SD card is formatted as Fat or Fat32. Also try a different SD card. Some are not compatible.

As for Run/Stop, it controls Nano in regards to it sampling new data. In Stop mode, it freezes the screen with whatever data is in the buffer allowing you to work with captured data.

Thanks, motopasscode, I thought I had formatted the SD card correctly but will try another one.

Re the “Run/Stop” button: I understood its basic function it was just that the book says to connect the scope to a PC, press and hold R/S then switch the power on to get connection. The scope seems to charge up from the USB with no prob, I wondered if the above procedure gave any “tools”; display, direct storage etc. in real time on/in the PC.

I was actually surprised not to see a little software CD but, at the price, it is still a useful instrument.

Back on the learning curve then!

BTW, I did find a Garmin MCX plug/BNC socket adaptor for a few quid that has already proved useful. And it will allow me to make up adaptors to other types of connector quite simply.

OK - dug out another, if smaller, micro-SD and the scope initialises with it in situ.

Thanks again.

As far as know, at this time you can only use USB to recharge the battery, update firmware, and access Micro-SD card as removable drive on a PC to backup screenshots, buffer dumps, profiles… no other functionality is included with the Nano USB port.