BlackWidow 1.0 Recommeded Battery

I am interested in using the blackwidow microcontroller and was wondering if there were lithium batteries I could use. I know they have kits that use a medium cap or hi cap lithium battery to power arduino duemilanoves and/or megas, and was wondering if I could use it for the blackwidows. This site claims that the blackwidow is an arduino duemilanove compatible clone, so I wanted to make sure if it was possible to hook up the same lithium backpack to the blackwidow. A 9V battery in this case will not suffice for this project since I need a battery that can last for atleast 12 hours (if that is even possible).

Any feedback/suggestions are appreciated!


I don’t think the lithium battery could power the blackwidow directly. Normally we use 9v adapter to power it.

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