BIOS update stopped ESXi

I’ve upgraded the BIOS and EC firmware on my X86J4105 and VMware ESXi has stopped booting, and I can’t even reinstall it now. Any suggestions?

can you enter BIOS setting screen?

BIOS is no problem. It just freezes on the first step of installation, though I can boot Windows 10 with no issue.

@Adrian_Clarke Any news update?

I’ll spend today trying different previous BIOS and EC firmware versions, hopefully a full revert to my previous state will restore it, then I’ll see which exact update caused the issue.I’ll keep you updated.

The good news is that I’ve got ESXi working again, the bad news is that I had to downgrade from SD-BS-CJ41G-300-101-F to SD-BS-CJ41G-300-101-C, so there’s a change in F that stops ESXi working.

Ehhe,I will test it tomorrow. Thank you!