BigQuad - with 5 inch display ?

I agree, small is beautyfull, but sometimes my eyes dont work.

Since I have bought a 5 inch Android device, I like it so much,
this is just the right size, forget iPhone/HTC/LG toys :slight_smile:)

What do You think ?
Do You see a market for such a size ?

It could be build without a new mainbord, just put the
existing board in a new, bigger case on the right side,
and a big Lithium battery on the left side.

Then patch the firmware for 800x480 pixel and have fun…

Yes, its not that easy, but lets dream about it.

Why not make the Quad into a BlueTooth front end, then you could view with your phone, table, laptop, or what ever was handy?


no bt 2.0 module will be capable of streaming 115200 without pauses so one need to go with 57600bps that do work trough most bt modules without problems if distance between devices is in 2-3m range.
To get 25fps you can send around 1000 samples per “frame” per channel … that should be enough … there’s even room for those 2 digital channels :smiley: … the only question is - is there available serial port connection on the quad? (I’m still waiting on mine … march is soon so …)