Bigger LCD Screen for Maix

Hi there,
has anybody ported a larger & higher res screen to this chip? Ideally i would like to work at VGA resolution, but 480x320 would be a big improvement. If so whats the performance like?
Is it possible to 'window ’ on the camera such that the image is binned from the full frame or from a full res window effectively a 4:1 zoom with current display.



Hi, I haven’t use a higher resolution LCD than the standard LCD shipped with MaixDock M1W, but I’m working with VGA images, captured with a OV2640 sensor, using Standalone C SDK.

To zoom a VGA picture in an LCD with 320x240 is just a simple byte array copy option, I think you could get 10fps or 15fps of speed using a simple copy.
The LCD demos for standalone SDK are simple and easy to understand, you can find them in :

Dear All, dear mchuv,

thank you in advance for your help and advice:
Application: K210 on MaixPy with the SDK Version loaded/compiled Sample DVP/OV2640 Cam just for single Pictures (no streaming!) to SRAM than transfer via UART to a PC (java App)

I also try to use a OV2640 und later OV5640 with the MaixPy and the standalone SDK for K210 on it: Please let me know:

  • Wether the documented K210 “restrictions” on max 640x320 VGA resolution in the DVP Interface of K210 is hardware related ? or only due to the limited SRAM for Storage ?
  • Any chance for getting 1280x720 Pictures out of it ? -> SCCB Konfig to OV2640

Thank you so much in advance for any advise and help!
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Hi, I’m working with VGA and QVGA resolutions, without problems capture at 10 fps VGA and 15 fps with QVGA
The biggest problem i’m facing is that the WIFI speed of the ESP8285 is very LOW and i can transfer only 3 VGA images/second and 4/5 QVGA images/second.

Kendryte K210 doesn’t support more than VGA resolution, but there is an option that i haven’t try yet, and is that you could use the windowing option of the OV2640 sensor (you have to program the I/O ports of the OV2640 sensor), to get to 2 different segments of a picture with 800x600 or higher resolution, and join them to create a higher resolution image, the bigest problem i thinkg you’ll face is that if the sensor is too slow to change the window position, your final image will have distortions.

MaixPy is easy to programm but has very low memory only 512Kb, if you want to do some advanced programming or work with VGA resolution, you have to work with the C StandAlone SDK , then you’ll have 6MB of RAM, i’m working with double buffering at VGA resolution, and also i’m running a kmodel and i have 2MB of free RAM.