💣 BIG NEWS WOW! Nordic Just made a Major Power Move for asset Tracking

:bomb: Holly Molly…

Nordic announces Google’s Find My Device network and unknown tracker alerts are supported in nRF Connect SDK

It is ON!

If this doesn’t make a case for a fresh “Xiao IoT” blows past all the competition. Imagine a BLE device that’s Trackable out of the BOX! WOW!!
Apple WHO? Air TAG What? Lora Where?
Let’s GO Seeed … Time to go All-in on IoT, AI is great and All but this is gonna be Bigger than anything in the AI space for a minute.
It’s truly the missing link to all things being pervasive for IoT, Add in some LTE-M and it becomes the ONLY game in Town for Asset trackers built into the silicon.
HOTDOG! :star_struck: :+1:

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i just noticed it names some new bluetooth devices, i wish they would implement a database so we can try to get the names of all these “Bugs” around us… what da?

Hi there,
With sOoo many BLE devices, that would be Great!, Sounds like the next tech. A cloud database with ID’s for everything, at a minimum the category of the device would be good.
my .02
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ps. I’m loving the 2 to 10 year battery life WOW!!!

I want to put one in a bottle and throw in the ocean

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powerful combo…combining the Best BLE and Long wifi in one chip lowest power consumption in the industry WOW.

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