Bicycle computer

Hi there!

I just discovered Seeedstudio yesterday and this seem to be a good place to make my project get some traction.

The project in question is an AVR-based bicycle computer. Designed to be minimal and inspired by the 10-year-old device I’ve been always using.

Project webpage:

Main points of focus:
low power consumption: AVR microcontroller, transflective LCD
modularity (software, and, to a lesser extent, hardware)
easy hacking (nice API, simple hardware)
low maintenance: single battery, wired sensors only
low cost: hardware as simple as possible

Current status:
I started it two years ago and last summer I pushed it to the point of usability. It has all the basic features you expect except a case and clock.

Unfortunately, I lost the drive to continue the project after seeing little response on various forums apart from suggesting new features. Getting users would give me a reason to continue it, getting more fellow hackers would give me motivation to push it farther.

Deep inside I hope this could get me some money to fund itself. I was thinking about kickstarter, but kickstarter doesn’t allow people outside US.

It would be more helpful if you can show the features of your products to us, also with the marketing materials. So that Seeedstudio will decide if it worth to produce and sale it.