Best solution for multiple thermistor integration

This maybe too basic a question but here it is…
I am using arduino mega256 units to read 16 channels of temperature sensors each (either thermistors or tmp36). The issue is the clutter of wiring them. What is the cleanest way to get many wired readings of temperature (-10 to 250 degrees F) into an arduino? I’m looking for a ready made terminal strip type of solution.


Hi there, Actually a good Question.
There are several options mostly depending on the wallet. :wink:
places like Automation Direct or CZH-Labs, even seeed has something but for Grove.
A quick G search yields several others as well as theses.
Din mount or in a enclosure is also available.

GL :slight_smile: PJ

Wire your temperature sensors to the terminal strips. For each sensor, connect its wires to the terminal block. Use one terminal for the sensor’s signal wire and one for its ground wire (for the TMP36, there’s only a signal wire). If you’re using thermistors, you may also need to connect a resistor in series as part of a voltage divider circuit.