Best firmware for DSO203 HW2.82

Few days ago I decide to use my old DSO203. Few years ago, when I have using it last time I have changed firmware to Wildcat, probably. I remember there was some problem with calibration or something. I was stop using this little gem but now I need it.
I was try to find some updated firmware tor this device but I’m not sure whitch I should use. Can You help me?

The best way to find the original firmware files that I’ve found it to use the cache for the old seeed site. It seems the forum and wiki have been migrated a few times now and most the older links are dead.

You can consider the following options.

  1. Official DSO203 Firmware: You can find the official firmware for the DSO203 on the manufacturer’s website. Visit the website of the DSO203 manufacturer or search for “official DSO203 firmware” to find the latest version provided by the manufacturer.

  2. Community Firmware (DSOQuad): The DSO203 is also known as DSOQuad, and there are community-developed firmware options available specifically for this device. One popular firmware is the DSOQuad firmware developed by community members. You can search for “DSOQuad firmware” or visit forums and communities dedicated to the DSOQuad to find the latest version and download links.