BenF Firmware Improvements and/or Source!

For whatever reason, the latest open source BenF firmware seems to be 3.11, and the latest closed source firmware has not been updated for a while now:

Meanwhile the DSO Quad is being actively developed. Please don’t forget the Nano is quite useful too!

May we have more recent source code or additional features? For one, I want some simple IIR filtering, especially 60Hz rejection.

Here is Benf 3.62 viewtopic.php?f=12&t=1793
Thanks for your feedback.

Where is the source code for it?

Sorry to tell you that we have not develop Benf 3.62 for open source and would not develop it.

That’s disappointing. Does that also mean there will be no additional open source firmware for the DSO Nano from SeedStudio, including GCC based firmware?

In any event, a some IIR filters would still be quite useful.