BenF firmware - Enhancement request

I have the newer version Nano with BenF’s version 3.64, and the unit is performing very well for me. Thanks to Chai Xiao Guang for the design, Seeed for selling it to me, and to BenF for enhanced firmware with data save. Currently I’m using the Nano to help me decipher IR remote control data streams for a microcontroller project.

I’m using the Sourceboost IDE and BoostC and their cool simulator plugins to develop for PIC microcontrollers. The BenF 3.64 firmware enables saving the Nano’s entire data buffer onto a micro SD card as an XML file, which is awesome. I’ve used the Nano and an IR receiver to capture some IR commands from various remote controls, and I’ve written a small utility to turn the Nano’s XML output into a stimulus file for the Sourceboost IDE’s logic analyzer. I could take simulator data files and send them back to the Nano as reference files, too. Very cool

So… one thing I’ve noticed about the XML output is that it doesn’t indicate the period between the samples. In my captures, the Nano time scale was set to 500us/div and the XML reports this, but from examining the data and comparing it to the view in the BenFWaves app, it was clear that there was 20 us between samples. So, it’s easy enough to figure that out, but it would be cool if the next revision of the Nano firmware would include this info in the block.

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