BenF 3.x FW on new LCD driver devices [flick. screen solved]

pelase, I want source code
thank you

Amazing and Thank You!!!

I fixed bugs detected in my first version of patch.

Detected and fixed bugs:

  1. Bug in export to SD card - fixed
  2. Bug in setting of grid intensity option - fixed

Patched firmware is in attachment.

Enjoy! (54.1 KB)

Thank you again. Everything is working perfectly.

Just installed this latest fix and it will lock up if I simply move down the list of menus on the right to the bottom and then try and go back up. Anyone else???

Can you share the source code?

Dear rimidalv007,

I registered in this forum for the purpose of expressing my appreciation of your great work.


rimidalv007 - I too signed up to say thanks for your efforts on the DSO201 software.
I received my nano today and immediately flashed it, all working - thanks again

Same here, I also want to express my thanks to the help of people here - in particular rimidalv007 and of course BenF (hope that he will again show up one day). :smiley:

  • And a little question: there is something with a change of install procedure between, I think, the last version of BenF and the latest DSO nano’s. I suppose (hope) that after installing the patched BenF, it is still possible to install other versions in the same way. Likely some of you installed the not-yet-perfect patch and next the improved patch; it works without problems? Just checking, before trying it! :sunglasses:

[Edit]: I now installed it (first by mistake the bugged version and then the patched version!) - and it works great! :slight_smile:

rimidalv007, you are a Star!!!

I just installed it and now have a perfectly working BenF 3.64, have already taken out my first screenshots.

Big thanks

I am new to all this stuff and have just spent 2 days trying to upgrade the software on my recently purchased DSO201. It has been a nightmare, particularly when one attempt just caused the thing to produce a white screen that gave the impression I had messed the whole thing up permanently. However, I have now sorted the problem and have a much easier to use piece of kit. All thanks to rimidalv007 who is, in my humble opinion, a genius. Thank you. I shall keep an eye on this topic to see if there is more wisdom to come. Thanks again.

Great work on the patched firmware!!!

Is there any way though to store files with the BenF firmware on the latest models without SD card?

Thanks a lot for your effort to build this functional and simple firmware for dso nano .

Be well ,

Greetings from Greece :smiley:

My first post, hello to everyone.
I just like to thank rimidalv007 for his expertise and bringing new life to my newly purchase DSO Nano V3.
And of course to all the forum members who contributed their spare time to validate it.
Again thank you all.

Hi all,

How can I run the ggn.hex file from gamma grapher in to my dso nano 201 v3.29? When I update and I open my dso nano can not run

New DSO201 owner here (as in, i’m a new owner, not that i own a new nano necessarily!).

Any road, i thought i had everything ready to go on updating to BenF firmware on my Nano but i may have made a boo-boo somewhere (probably by missing a step that i will come to in a bit).

Base on the firmware upgrade screen info, i rightly assumed that i could use hex files directly transferred to the device (one at a time), via USB, to update so I downloaded the V364_APP.hex and V353_LIB.hex and had at it. Or tried to…

On attempting to transfer the first file (V353_LIB i think), the file transferred and, as expected, the device disconnected and…that was all she wrote. The device would not re-connect via USB. I left it for a bit, in case it was ‘thinking’ but nothing changed. I’ve now unplugged it and tried rebooting but i get a ‘digital storage oscilloscope’ title bar and nothing else (at least before i had the purple test trace and it kind of worked in a clunky way).

So, now whenever i plug the device into my laptop and switch on using the ‘-’ key method, the DSO switches to the correct screen and the device (‘DFU…etc’) appears in Windows explorer but immediately vanishes. Therefore i cannot attempt to transfer any other hex files.

Now, i’ve noticed that with Firmware v3.29D, as i have, i should have perhaps used the BENF_P2 file ( from rimidalv007 but, alas, even though i have downloaded that file i cannot transfer it to the device to the aforementioned ‘vanishing’.

Any thoughts on how i might get my DSO back up and running would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Panic over…i finally managed to get the patch firmware transferred to my DSO when it remained visible in the Explorer window for just enough time. All done.

And the new firmware does seem, at first glance, to be a lot more user friendly. Got to test it looking at some servo and receiver outputs for r/control gear but i’m hopeful.


I just made an account for the purpose of saying thanks and a little info to help those that run into these issues. Thanks to Benf for his original work and thanks to rimidalv007 for his latest work and fixes.

First of all, this will not work in Windows 8.1 x64. Windows cannot connect to the dfw virtual drive therefore you can’t transfer files to it. I had to boot up my old windows 7 laptop and it worked instantly.

Second, after successfully transferring the correct hex file to be flashed to the oscilloscope and rebooting, it froze at “system initializing, please wait”. I let it sit for about 5 minutes and decided to just reboot it. It worked fine after.

I can’t believe how much better this program is. I’ve never used an oscilloscope before but I knew that the original was clunky. The lines were flashing all over the place and disappearing in the middle of the screen. They were also labeled annoyingly. I still haven’t even used the device yet but I know that updating was the correct thing to do.

Hi there,

I’ve just purchased a DS201 with 2.45 firmware and the manual is absolutely terrible.
Most of the pictures are just black and I can’t see what I’m supposed to do.
The website for the f/w upgrades is in Chinese so I’m lost.
(I can’t even get rid of the purple test waveform :frowning: lol )

I’m running Win8.1 Pro and believe that I can’t upgrade the firmware using that OS- is that correct?
I have access to Win7 machines at work and could use them to upgrade IF I knew what I was supposed to do.

Can someone please help this n00b out with a step by step guide to upgrading the firmware?
I don’t want to brick it.
Thanks in advance,


Works as intended on the DSO 201’s with 3.29d loader.

I spent a couple of hours trying to get the non patched version to work and all I got was the white screen of death. I loaded this patched version onto the device and it works flawlessly.

Thanks to the OP for fixing to this version.