Bees shield (2.12) + Seeeduino Mega 2560 (v3.0) wireless pro


I am successfully succeeded to us the XBee to do wireless programming with a Seeeduino Mega 1280. I have the message:

But I can’t do with Seeeduino Mega 2560. I used the same Bees shield with both Mega.

I’ve tried to change the bauds of the XBee to 115200. I’ve uploaded the blank code in the Mega before (DDRD=0x00). The Mega is plugged only to USB, XBee 2 and nothing else. I’ve changed for another bootlader.
I don’t know what to do.

Is it a problem of compatibility with 2560?

Probably due to the bootloader ‘stk500boot_v2_mega2560’. But I didn’t find one which was solving my problem.

I can’t solve this problem.

Could help Seedstudio?

They say there that wireless programming is not working with 2560: … 857#msg857

With my Mega 1280, I can program, not with my 2560.