Bee interface on Rainbow Cube

I looked in the documentation and tried tracing the schematic, but it was a bit hard to understand. If you connect a Bee-series board to the RainbowCube mainboard, do you have a RX/TX connection to the attached Rainbowduino or do you need to make additional wiring?

Dear customer,

You can search at Google to know how to tried schematic with circuit diagram.

There is an eye logo call “show”, turn on that you can click with line, then the high light line which connect with Bee RX TX you can find.

Although when you found that pins, still need to solder them to Rainbowduino board.

That was the key thing I needed to know – it looks like there’s no existing on-PC board connection from the Bee port’s RX/TX lines, you need to provide that connection yourself. I was able to trace lines from the bee connector to some unlabeled pins near the LED connector, so I should be able to add some wires to connect those into the side connector on the Rainbowduino board to enable the serial connection.

If you do a revision of the Rainbow Cube, I’d look into labeling those pins on the silkscreen and also figuring out a way to provide access to the USB port without having to remove a nylon standoff, maybe by moving its position


Yes for this moment you need to jump a wire by yourself.
And we also thanks for you feedback, coming to consider about change to next version.