BeagleBone Green WLAN not Working!


I just got my IOT Developer Prototyping Kit of the BeagleBone Green Wireless.

Something really weird happened. At first, when I connected the board to my PC, it was detected as a Mass storage device but due to the Driver signature problem I couldn’t install the drivers. When I did that, now the BBW wifi wouldn’t show at all! The WLAN LED which was lighting before also stopped.

It is not even detected by my PC anymore. Please help me! I just bought this kit and I am too excited to use it.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there

  1. which os do you use on PC? please try to install the drivers by following

  2. if does not work, try to burn the latest image <LINK_TEXT text=“ … 4gb.img.xz”></LINK_TEXT> and see if any issue.

  3. do you have other pc and connect it through USB? thanks.


Thanks for the reply.

I am using Windows 10. I am now trying to flash the latest image via SD card but the downloading of the Debian image is very slow(not more than 30KBps).

I am assuming that once I flash the latest image version, my problem would be solved.

Fingers crossed!

Again thank you for replying to my post so fast, and sorry for the late reply. :slight_smile: