BeagleBone AI

The BeagleBoard foundation has just unveiled the BeagleBone AI, and it is going to be the most powerful BeagleBone ever developed.

Based on the Texas Instruments AM5729, developers have access to the powerful SoC with the ease of BeagleBone® Black header and mechanical compatibility. BeagleBone® AI makes it easy to explore how artificial intelligence (AI) can be used in everyday life via the TI C66x digital-signal-processor (DSP) cores and embedded-vision-engine (EVE) cores supported through an optimized TIDL machine learning OpenCL API with pre-installed tools. Focused on everyday automation in industrial, commercial and home applications.

Product :-

Hackaday blog :- <LINK_TEXT text=“ … es-got-ai/”></LINK_TEXT>

Beagleboard has been quiet about this for a long time. Has anyone heard when this “AI” board will be released?

i accidentally acquired one for a very small price… i am now installing the os… it gets hot fat so i added a fan, i see only aliexpress has one for 250 eui got it for like 50 because people dont know how to make ai