Beacon FAILED from Gateway to LoRa E5 Dev board


I am new to LoRa and gateways. I have connected 3 LoRa E5 Development boards and 3 LoRa E5 MINIs to the ChirpStack Server using a Rak2245 Pi Hat gateway. I am able to send short Messages to the server by doing AT+MSG = “HI” e.g. However, what I want to do now is to ping from the gateway every second and receive a response in the LoRa boards and see it in the server as well. Does anyone have an idea of how to do this? Do I need to first program the boards instead of using AT commands?

I tried to do AT+BEACON, but it never finds a beacon from the gateway and it returns “+BEACON: FAILED”.

Thank you so much!

If I understand well what you want to do it’s not really allowed in Lora and not designed for that too ! You want each beacon to ping server and get an answer every second ? it’s just sont of non sense with Lora, it’s not designed like that :wink:

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Hi @vincen,

Thank you so much for your reply! Sorry for my ignorance, can you explain how does the beaconing work then?

Thank you!