BBGG not booting from microSD to flash the eMMC flash

I have both a BBG and a BBGG. I’ve downloaded and flashed this image onto my 16gb microSD card:

  • bone-eMMC-flasher-debian-10.10-iot-armhf-2021-10-01-4gb.img.xz

On my BBG I’ve successfully booted off this image on the SD card and flashed the eMMC flash. Removing the sd card afterwards confirms.

However, using the same sd card on my BBGG I cannot get it to boot off the sd card to start flashing the eMMC. At least I don’t think it’s working because I don’t see much activity on the sd card LED and I don’t see it get into the “back and forth” LED mode while flashing.

Is there something special I need to do to get my BBGG to boot off the sd card?
Should I be using a different image to flash onto the sd card?

Thank you

I believe I’ve figured it out thanks to the BeagleBone Green Gateway specific documentation on the balenaCloud “Add new device” instructions.

After you’ve inserted the sd card with the BBGG powered down, you need to hold down the ‘BOOT’ button as it powers up. I also found unpluggling/plugging the USB cable as an unreliable way of powering up the device. So, it’s better to hold down the 'POWER" button to power off, and then hold down the ‘BOOT’ button and then press the ‘POWER’ button. You need to keep it held down until you see activity on the SD card activity LED.

I’m surprised this isn’t documented anywhere on the other BBGG getting started sites.