BBG Getting Started step5


Maybe this is a silly question?

I followed Getting Started step1 to step5.

And I have been running BBG booted from eMMC with SD card removed.

In the meantime, I kept update/upgrade on eMMC.


How should I do to recover BBG by putting in SD card without delete all the upgrade/update on eMMC?

NOTE: AS the /boot/uEnv.txt file already change(STEP5 of Getting Started) to flash the eMMC.

use Ext2Fsd to edit uEnv.txt on pc.

Hi there,

You can boot from sd card and then modify /boot/uEnv.txt to enable emmc flasher. When the flashing is complete, all 4 USRx LEDs will be off. The latest Debian flasher images automatically power down the board upon completion. This can take up to 10 minutes. Power-down your board, remove the SD card and apply power again to be complete. thanks.

</s>##enable BBB: eMMC Flasher: cmdline=init=/opt/scripts/tools/eMMC/<e>

Thank for suggestion!

What if I would like to get the eMMC back to bootable but not reflash it!

I really want to figure out what happened !!

Maybe due to virtual machine or using up all the eMMC space or …


Hi Charles

You can extract the files out and them check the logs to find the root cause. here is the process how to extract emmc contents. thanks.

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … C_contents”></LINK_TEXT>

Hello my BBGW has been flashed with debian 10, but wifi will not start up