BBBVC SerialNumber label signification (Seeed beagle bone black)

Hello, we were using the previous beaglebone black, and recently change to the seed studio version, but the label with serial number information is not the same (the previous one contains the year and the month of the production batch, and we need this information for our production process).

Can you precise the signification of each information contained in this new label?
Thank you for your help

Hi @tchomaud
BBBVC stands for the version of the beagle bone black.
202006 represents the production in June 2020.
001021 represents the serial number, which means the number of products in the same batch in June.

Hello and thank you for your answer.
For this board, in memory the serial number is 2036SBB01021.
-> In official BBBK documentation,
# 2 first digits is the month of prod,
# 2 next digits is the year,
# 4 next characters, the board identification (BBBK for previous version),
# the 4 last digits, a production unit id (for this batch).
-> In the BBBVC version,
# the 2 first seems to be the year,
# What about the 2 next digits (36 doesn’t correspond to a week of June month)
# Is the version ID is on 3 (SBB) or 4 (CBB0) characters?
# Seems to be the 4 last digits of prod unit ID. What happens if this number is > 9999.

Thank you

Hello, Here is a link that detail how to get Serial number from EEPROM. We found this information in many site, and use it for our production process.

–> At least can you confirm the 4 characters SBB0 will be always the same with your current version of BBBK?
–> If you have any additional information about the “36” number signification, it would be great for us?

Thank you, Thierry

For information I check the label and the SerialNumber of another Seed beagle bone black, and I have the same issue.
S/N indicate 2036SBB0xxxx and label 202006.
–> So If you can help us to known how to convert the label information into S/N, it will help us.
Thank you

"jiachenglu") [jiachenglu](
23 December

Hi [@tchomaud](
**SBB0**=Assembly code to let the manufacturer document the assembly number
or product. A way to quickly tell from reading the serial number what the board
is. Up to the developer to determine. So the 4 characters SBB0 may not be always the same as the current version of BBBK.
As we can see from the BBBK datasheet, “36” should represent the year of production.
I think there is maybe an error in the serial number refer to the “20**36**SBB01021”, do you have any other BBBK that could check the EEPROM ID?

Hello Jiachenglu,

Have you got a solution about how I can make the conversion between the label ID et Eeprom ID? As explain in my last post, I got the same issue on other seed board.
Thank you for your answer