baud rate of GPRS shield

Hi. Can anybody answer me.

why my kit (arduino UNO + GPRS shield v1.2) works only if:


on higher speeds it sends me crap like “Èͽœ?ø½¾¬Èýͨý=8¼¾MX€ÿ”, and if not, there lot of errors when receiving data from server (most 70% data lost) .

what should i do, to increase speeds and decrease errors?

Can it work right in other baud rate if you only used hard serial port ?

I think it can, because that’s the way i reset it to default settings, and then to manual.

So that is problem of the soft serial , you can try use other pin as soft serial …find the solution on the google …

Everybody send to google, nobody can tell what to do. Google send back to different forums where people ask the same and other people send them to google. Closed loop.