Battery voltage 2.85V

The DSO Quad is showing the battery as empty (red square) and voltage Vbt +2.85V
But the real battery voltage measured with another tool is 4.0V
HWv2.6 / FPGA 2.6 / SYS 1.51 / APP 2.52 calobration done

If I plug the USB, Vbt is 4.85V and the red LED is bright showing charging and never stops.

The problem is also when measuring voltage.
for example instead of 5V Vdc measured is 6.2v but if I plug the Usb then the voltage measured is 4.96V on the same caliber (1V)

If the battery voltage drops below 3.8V then Vbt is measured and Battery indicator is half full.
But still I have an offset in the measure (6.4V instead of 5V).

Do you know what could be the problem ?
Is it possible that the calibration differ if it is connected to USB or not ?

Dear customer,

As you said you try lot of time to test it and I get some problem from you.

1.Your battery never stop charging.
2.Quad battery level showing is not correctly.

So how about you operating time? If you charged for long time that how long can you use with it?

However if you still feel about the Quad has problem you can email to our QC.

Hope can help you.

Best regards,


with Brightless set to 60% I can work more than 1,5hour maybe 2 hours.