Battery Switch source for Xiao Expansion Board?

Hi, I am trying to locate the source for the battery switch component on the Xiao Expansion Board

I was hoping it would be in the Open Parts Library but I haven’t been able to locate. When I downloaded the .sch file for the expansion board, it lists the switch as SWITCH-2CH-6P-311030004 (SWITCH-2CH-6P)

It doesn’t have to be the exact part but if anyone has any details on how to search for this switch it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


Looks Just Like it…

Googled Part no. Or this info

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From EASYEDA parts search tool/lib Better ,closer fit imo
JS202011AQN C&K _ C221662 - LCSC Electronics

In stock…LOL
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Thanks so much for diving in - this is super helpful. It seems like I only need a SPDT for my use case but this gets me on the way. Thanks so much!