Battery performance question

Can somebody tell me how device shutdown is implemented? Does it have a standby mode or is it completely turned off?
I am wondering this because I hate it when devices drain the battery when not being used and you have to remember to recharge them before next use.

Also, I haven’t found any information on the baterry duration. Is it something reasonable, or it dies after 5 minutes of use?

I’ve not timed it, but it is cerainly not 5 minutes.

It will also work plugged in.

There is no timed device shutdown (apart from battery low) other than the main switch (which disconnects the battery).

Last charge lasted me 120 minutes (aprox.).

Hope it helps.

Thanks Slimfish.
The most important thing for me was the switch but I found this out from schematics so I ordered one already.

Hi for all,

I am a new user of DSO nano great tool of Seedstudio.

So i have questions about the charger of battery, i use for 10 minutes and my battery go off.

And i never see the battery simbol full in my DSO nano. Its problem with the battery ? Or Charger circuit.

Somebody can help me…

Best regards

#bombardier How long did you charge the battery? Could try charge from another USB port, or better other computer? thanks!