Battery management missing

I am currently playing around with the battery in.
I have read all documents and datasheets I found for the wio link board and I cant see a proper battery management. The lithium battery will get sucked to low voltage until the board stops to work, I am also confident that some sensors and actors will behave weird when voltage gets below 3V…

There should be battery protection board available with a grove connector so that we could trigger a action when battery gets low…

Has someone found a good way to implement the sleep when using IFTTT, should I simply time trigger the sleep? Is there a documentation of the sleep function? Which is the biggest value which work?

On API page, At last, have[sleep_time_sec]?xxx,

It can be sleep the wio link. and after sleep time , the wio link will be wake up automatically.

I got it to work with sleep and IFTTT.
I just used the a pic ode provided and the maker channel can be used to post the sleep command.
As a first try I have used the hour channel to let it sleep on every full hour for 20 minutes then it is awake for 10 minutes and on every half hour it sleeps again 20minutes. This should reduce the standby current to a third. This method is good for using it battery powered to measure something like temperature.

Sadly in sleep it doesn’t wakes up when using the do buttons.
sometimes it wakes up after the 5seconds mentioned in the manual when I use an api command…I have to investigat that further.

The API description is confused. Just after the sleep time, the Wiolink can wake up. No any command can wake it up.
We have modified the api description.