Battery information mismatch

I have some of the SenseCAP pressure sensors and have noticed that there is a significant mismatch between the battery information packet sent via LoRaWAN and the reading given by the device over the serial port.

After using the sensor for some time the raw LoRaWAN packet with battery information looks like this: 00070064003c0001051088c4fd059924
According to the user manual the battery part of the packet is: 00070064003c00 and where 6400 indicates the battery level bytes. When decoded these should indicate that the battery is 100%. However, when using the configuration tool and connecting via the serial port, the same device shows only 83% battery. Also, the battery voltage reads 3.67V with a multimeter.

Does anyone know what’s happening here? I have 8 sensors that all exhibit the same behavior and it seems like the battery level isn’t even being transmitted by the device over LoRaWAN. I would really appreciate some insight on this…