Battery for Xadow GSM


What battery can i put in the xadow GSM?.
Do you sell in your shop?.

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Crazyflie battery can be used with xadow GSM. … -2116.html

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If i wish more battery capacity. For example 6000mah. Is there another battery?


No,we don’t have any other option.

Ok, and Connectors? or Do you Know when i buy them?

Power up the RePhone/Xadow GSM+BLE with a battery of 3,5V ~ 4,2V and JST 1.0 male connector, or power it up through the breakout PIN 3(VCC) and breakout PIN 6(GND) as illustrated in the Hardwareview above.The description available in the wiki page.

We don’t sell just battery because of shipping issue.