Battery for Seeeduino Xiao

Hi, I am a newbie so please bear with my newbie questions.

I was thinking of trying out Seeeduino Xiao + its grove shield. In the youtube video for that grove shield, it shows that a battery could be attached to its power bonding pad. I want to ask, what specs for the battery is recommended? I saw some 3.7 V lithium ion batteries on other websites, some with 70 MAH, some with 1000MAH. Which should I buy? I understand that in the wiki, the Xiao grove shield has a load capacity of 800mA and a charging current of 400mA. Is MAH and mA the same? (If needed for some context, I am thinking of using it to power the following modules: a 3axis accelerometer, a rgb LED matrix and a mp3 v3.0.) Also, I am assuming I would have to solder the battery to the bonding pad of the grove shield, am I right?


Hi @l2i
You can buy the rechargeable Battery, 3.7 V, Lithium Polymer, 500 mAh here.
MAH and mA not the same, mA is milliamps, a unit of current, indicating the magnitude of the current.
mAh is milliamp-hour, a unit of electricity, and is often used to indicate the capacity of a battery.
Yes, you have to solder the battery to the pad of the grove shield.

Thanks! @jiachenglu :slight_smile: