Battery doesn't work anymore

I’ve a battery chassis for wio. At the beggining it works correcty. Now if attached doesnt give power to wio.
Also if usb is connected.
Could be something related to software? Or it’ an hardware problem?
Another strange things: now I can upload from arduino IDE only if in boot mode, I can’t understand why…
Any tips?

Thanks but it doesn’t help.

apparently you didn’t read the article

I’ve been read article a second time, but I didn’t find something that help me resolving the issue.
Sorry if I’m missing some usefull information but I’m not expert about this topic.
Can you please underline what part of article should help and why? I will be gratefull if you can help me.


  1. This version of Wio Terminal battery chassis cannot turn off the power completely (no influence on usage).
  2. The charge current will up to 1.5A, which may reduce battery life or cause other issues. We are optimizing the design of the new version (the estimated release date is unavailable yet), and we recommend the new version if you are a beginner. Please contact us ( for tech support or exchange if you meet any problem during the usage of this version. Please do NOT let the pins touch other objects when the power is on.

It seems that others have had problems, i would recomend checking the power delivery pathways to see what voltages are being provided and how the charging functions are working, battery may be dead or damaged from over discharge, shorting or improper charging…

just some thoughts

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