Battery display invalid when USB plugged in


I received my DSO203 yesterday and updated it to 2.5 firmware. It looks very promising, good job!

However, it looks like the battery voltage measuring does not work correctly when USB is plugged in, is this correct?

When USB is plugged in:

  • Vbt = 3.25V
  • Battery display in top left corner is “nearly empty” (yellow)

When USB is disconnected:

  • Vbt = 4.10V
  • Battery display in top left corner is “nearly full” (green)

Charging seems to work. But I’m wondering if the wrongly measured battery voltage will have impact on end of charging / max battery voltage detection.

Is this a known issue? Does the charging + end of charge work correctly anyway? Or is it possible that the battery could be damaged when charging too long?

Thank you!

System is:

  • Hardware V2.6
  • App V2.5
  • Sys V1.5

The charging is controlled by a separate chip; it doesn’t care about what voltage the processor measures.

The different voltage you see is precisely because it is charging. It takes the power supply somewhat differently in that case.

(Check the schematic: